It Keeps Sucking Us Back In…

February 7, 2010

Every time we go to delete the blog, we find something so mortifying that we just have to share.  Can you find the misspelling on this announcement?  It’s just promoting a visit by Camila Alire, President of the American Library Association, so it’s not that embarrassing…


A New Look

February 22, 2009

New URL, same site.

The site Dean Giannini has created and maintained speaks for itself.

Truly, there is no need to say anything snarky or negative. We hear you. SSS has gotten off track. We need only show you the SILS site and you can see for yourself. You need only take a look at how long the site has looked like this and you can make up your own mind. We urge you to re-read Norman Oder’s LJ article about this blog and the Dean’s promise of a new site.

It is fair and appropriate to hold the Dean accountable for promises made.  Unfortunately, it is also necessary to have a forum like this blog, not because we want to, but because we have to.  It’s the only kind of forum we’re “allowed” at Pratt SILS – nameless, faceless, and free from the very real fear of retribution.

One last thing – don’t confuse the commenters with the creators of this blog.  We aren’t the only ones who feel powerless and frustrated and that should mean something to those affiliated with Pratt SILS.

Information Architecture Internship!

October 30, 2008

Oh wait.  It’s not for Pratt SILS, you say?  It’s for Pratt’s site?  Oh.  We thought since the Dean had publicly promised a site redesign several months ago and students had already completed an IA assessment of the site in Walcyzk’s class…

Never mind.  That would all make too much sense and would not provide the Dean with her chance to give students the middle finger every time we look at the site.

By the way, have you heard about the Dean’s exciting yearly vacation in London, uh, I mean the Pratt SILS London program?  Colleagues must be tremendously impressed when they look at the SILS site and see who will be joining them to delve into e-publishing.  SSS can’t make this stuff up!


September 18, 2008

The increasing willingness of students to openly acknowledge the problems associated with the SILS website and the growing enthusiasm for addressing the related issues has SSS feeling a little optimistic as we begin another semester (Thank you, Jessica).

Do you think Tula will work with students this semester to improve the Pratt SILS site or will she dig in and continue refusing to communicate with students and address this issue?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

September 2, 2008

If SSS or, more importantly, the poorly designed website and Dean Giannini’s responses were included in possible topics?  Instead, this hit SSS’s inbox today:

“Keyword is the newsletter of the Pratt SILS Student Association, also known as SILSSA, also known as YOU!

We are in need of articles, reviews, editorials, and short informative blurbs from any and all who are willing and able. Did you visit a particularly interesting library this summer? Go to ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim? Buy a fun new gadget you’d like to review? Maybe you’d like to comment on the librarian who was recently fired for writing a fictionalized account of her workplace, or review the newest search engine, Cuil (pronounced “cool”). Considering attending the Code4LibNYC meeting at Metro or the NYPL Performing Arts Library Reception for graduate students next week? Why not write up a short account for your fellow students?
Writing an article for Keyword is a great excuse to contact your contemporary library heroes and heroines and pester them with questions to your heart’s content–just take good notes and write it up for us! (SILSSA may even be able to help arrange for your favorite librarian, author, designer or programmer to come speak at SILS, in conjunction with an article, of course–just ask us!)
Writing for Keyword not only looks great on your resume, it also helps students share information with each other and keep abreast of developments in library and information sciences. (Not to mention getting practice at professional writing in a relatively safe environment.) If you’re interested in getting involved (and yes, we also need copyeditors), send an email to us at The deadline for the first issue is September 15, but don’t let that stop you! We publish every month, so if we get it a bit late for the first issue, you’ll be first in line for the second.


Jessica SpeerEditor, Keyword
Vice President, SILSSA

Keyword is the newsletter for SILSSA, the Pratt School of Information and
Library Science Student Association and student chapter of the ALA.

Please visit our latest issue at

If you would like to contribute an article email”

Funny how outraged SILS students are when a librarian is fired for writing a novel based on her library patrons, but there is nary a mention of the Dean’s threat of retribution if she found out which students were behind this blog.

Interesting that SILS was the subject of an entire blog post on, but there is absolutely no call to comment on that noteworthy mention.  (Note:  the Dean’s promises in this post regarding the website)

Wouldn’t it be nice for an official, real, genuine acknowledgement that something is broken and the Dean refuses to fix it, refuses to work with students?  What is broken is the website and the Dean’s relationship with SILS students and it effects YOU.  Pitch that to Keyword.

New Site

July 9, 2008

Dean Giannini promised Library Journal (and us) a new and improved site that would be launched in June. What do you think?!?

Try and make sense of this

June 24, 2008

Why does the SILS site have content so divorced from any sort of context? For example, what exactly does this mean:

Spring Festival
Participate – Enjoy Program”

And of course, “Program” is a link that takes you to a huge PDF (with no warning). For a festival that ended almost 3 months ago.